Monday, May 26, 2008

a great trip to matacanes

Long time ago I don´t write here… really many things had happened but nothing interesting…

Last Saturday trip was amazing. The clients were a group of Americans and that´s why I´m writing in English : because this entrance is dedicated to them.

To be honest at the beginning, when I get in the back of the truck I was thinking that that day wouldn’t be fun, because nobody talks. But when we start with the equipment and the walking everything changes dramatically.

After few minutes of walking was evident that everyone was on good condition for the travel, but also, and more important, was clear the quality of persons they are.

I want to thank you guys for this experience. Everyone’s participation contributes to create a special travel. Gabes with his laughs, jokes and conversations and the backwards style jump; Bryan coordinating the group, inviting his friends to the travel and also with your jokes and participation in the “ay, ay, ay” world championship; Paul an Ross your dark jump was incredible; Matt you did it great besides you fell a little bad (your brother tell me) also your two spin style jump was great… I´ll try it next time (really!!); Chris the beer ambassador, your help jumping at the end was great, also the 12 mts jump, and the style jump; and Karen, your style jump was also great, the same as your copilot work, I really missed you in the driving back to the river. By the way you remember the gas indicator? It was working perfectly, when I go back I ran out of gas but It wasn´t a big deal only to change the tank.

I really want to thank you for this trip I wasn´t like a travel with clients it seems more to the travels I use to do with friends.

Do you wanna know why aventurs guides social life is chaotic?
3:30 am waky, waky; 4:00 wait a guide that´s late; 4:40drive as fast as possible avoiding get trapped by police; 5:30 start bad road; 8:00 start waking; fun time3:15 wait the other group; 4:30 the other group is not coming, go for chicken… bad road again; 5:30 eat, find a litter for a wounded; 6:00 back again to the bad road; 7:00 again to the river; 8:00 carry a wounded in the litter; 10:00 go out the river; 11:00 troubles with the fuck#@! Truck; 1:00 helps arrives; 2:00 troubles again; 3:00 arrive to home, eat something; 3:20 take a shower; 3:30 am… AGAIN; go to sleep.
But who cares… born to be wild!!!


Juliana said...

Qué quéee? tu también por aqui!?
Es bueno saberlo para visitarte de cuando en cuando.
By the way brother, hay un triatlón el 28 de junio por si te interesa..

Anonymous said...

It was a great trip and we had an awesome time! Thank you. We would do it again in a moment. Let us know if you are ever in the states near Minnesota.
Be Well,

Chris said...

Hola Roberto,
Thank You for the kind words. You are a great guide and really made the trip enjoyable. I hope we see each other again sometime.

Oliendo-vida! said...

Muy bueeeeeeeno... solo que para la proxima ponla en castellano ps...

Cedrick said...

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